Population Growth and Climate Emergency

Please think without relying on ideologies and recognize:

All logic comes from rational thinking.
The recognition of causal relationships is the consequence of logical thinking.

Human politics care deeply about Secondary Problems:
Provision of food and drinking water, culture and civilization, medical care, life assurance and prosperity, habitat and housing, etc.
We realize that this is only possible for a limited few.

The result is:
Distribution battles become harder, turn into wars and revolutions, lead to growth of crime, mass migration, shortage of food and drinking water, the unnaturally increase in CO2, CH4 and N2O concentration in the earth's atmosphere, the well-known climate change, resulting in rising sea levels with loss of habitable space, ...
a widespread misery.


More than 11.000 scientists from 153 countries, including 871 researchers from german universities, warn of a worldwide "climate emergency". If human behavior does not fundamentally and persistently change, "unspeakable human suffering" can no longer be prevented.
(See "Alliance of Word Scientists", Oregon State University, 2018.
German: FOCUSOnline, 05.11.2019)

Why? Because most of the secondary problems are beyond action. We recognise that most political actions are woefully unsuccessful.

Cause of all secondary problems is only one Primary Problem: the unrestrained, explosive growth of the world's population. Politics and governments need to start here to prevent nature from harshly intervening in our lives.


Ernest Jones (British psychoanalyst, 1879-1958) said:
"Man clings to both his illusions and his ignorance."

That is an inevitable global deadly behavior.
Thus, the premature end of humanity will be a long-time lasting "unspeakable human suffering".
Here, no irrational hopes and actions will save us.